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For Anyone Looking For A Simple Way To Create Real Passive Income Online in 2023..

Here's The EXACT 2-Step System People Are Using To Create Passive Income Streams With Just 15 Minutes a Day..
(By Using The Most Profitable + Lowest Risk Method On Earth - Specifically Designed To Get Results For Beginners & Struggling Entrepreneurs)


This system is a unique approach to creating passive income online, by using a tested and proven 150-year-old method.. blended with a "modern" spin that uses automations to do most of the work for you, all in one simple and easy to follow process.

No other method on the planet is easier to setup, has a lower risk, or produces a higher profit margin.

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From The Desk Of: Alan Magliocca, Charlotte, North Carolina - 8 Figure Online Earner, Speaker, Mentor, & Best-selling Author

To: Beginners & Struggling Entrepreneurs Looking For A Way To Finally Create Passive Income Streams To Live A Freedom Lifestyle
Dear Friend,

I want you to take a look at what day it is right now.. 

It's [#today:{medium}].

Remember this date..


That’s the day you started reading the most important page you may ever read.

For some, this will literally be life and death information.

And for the others, it will be the biggest game changer you’ve ever had in your life.

And for you - well..

As long as you just do what I’m about to share with you - it’s going to be that missing piece of the puzzle that you’ve been looking for all along…

That missing piece you knew was there all along…

…That missing piece that instantly changes everything for you...

Because in just a moment I’m going to show you a whole new way of creating freedom online…
  • Without having an audience or following...
  • Without having to create or sell any products...
  • Without working more than 15 minutes a day...
  • Without unreliable methods...
  • ​and YES.. Without having any prior skills..
Here's How It Works:
Now.. would it surprise you to learn that I have been running a successful online business for the past 10 years, doing over $10M in sales, with the information that my 2-step system reveals?


You should be. 

After all, you can’t believe everything you read on the internet :-)
So Let Me Prove It To You
But first, read this disclaimer:
I have the benefit of running an online business for 10+ years now.

The average person who buys any “how to” information gets little to no results. I’m using these references for example purposes only.

Your results will vary and depend on many factors …including but not limited to your ability to follow instructions, budget, and work ethic.

All business entails risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action. If you're not willing to accept that, please DO NOT GET THIS PRODUCT.

And yes, it took me time and energy (more than 15 minutes a day) to get everything setup and going…

... But once up and running - I’m able to relax while my system does most of the work for me, which requires very little time and effort on my part.

With that said.. let me jump right in and show you:
"This Is A Time-Tested & Proven Way To Create Passive Income Online.. Using Nothing But A 150-Year-Old Method And Modern Day Automations To Build 'Passive Gateways' in 10 Minutes Flat…"
… That produced results like these for us:
  • I generated 34,910 Clicks in FREE traffic from one of my email lists
  • The initial cost was around $0.35 Per Click (I spent a total of $2,750 to build this entire list) 
  • This drove 1,353 Total Conversions in my CPA affiliate account
Generating $11,242.35 paid directly into my bank account..
This Comes Out To $8,492.35 In Pure Profit After It’s All Said and Done - That’s a 408% R.O.I. on Email Traffic (Which some claim is "dead")
Yes.. That Means For Every $1 Put In – I made $4.08 Back WITHOUT Having a PRODUCT OR SERVICE
And the best part?
My ROI only continues to INCREASE each day.. because I’m generating FREE traffic daily from the same list that cost me $2,750 to generate MONTHS ago!

Now THAT is a gift that keeps on giving..

And I know you have a little bit of skepticism in you about that..

That’s good.
Because There’s A Lot Of People Out There Making Claims That They Simply Can't Back Up..
So Let Me Back My Claims Up Right Now..
Here’s a screenshot of just one of my Accounts:
 Zoom Images Below to See Details
You can see I've generated 34,910 clicks and 1,353 CPA conversions from my email list to generate $11,242.35 in revenue..

Below you will see all the traffic I generate from just one of my email lists each day:
And in case you’re still skeptical, here’s another example from one of my email lists in an entirely different niche.. promoting offers that paid out commissions without anyone even buying anything:

This is a different account, and a different niche, but the system stays the same..
  • I generated 52,266 clicks in FREE traffic from one of my email lists
  • The initial cost to build this list was around $0.50 Per Click 
  • This drove 4379 Total Leads (Conversions) in my CPA affiliate account
Generating another $11,636.71 paid directly into my bank account..
In the above 2 case studies, I did NOT have any products or services to promote. This was all done as an affiliate with little "passive gateways" in place.. (more on that in a minute)

But if you have your own product or service, that's when the numbers can get much larger..
Here’s a screenshot of the passive income we've been able to generate using this process with our own products:
This was a product I released on an affiliate marketplace a few years back..
  • We generated 226,997 Clicks in FREE traffic from our affiliates (we didn’t pay for a single click)
  • This drove 6,298 Total Sales
  • Generating $385,648.85 in Total Revenue (All Sent into My PayPal Account)
And here’s another campaign I ran using my 2 Step Business Plan with another product I released on the marketplace:
  • We generated Over 5,000 Sales with FREE traffic from our affiliates (Again, we didn’t pay for a single click)
  • Generating over $175,000 in Total Revenue (All Sent into My PayPal Account)
  • ​Hit #2 Best-Seller on JVZoo for the Entire YEAR
NO Other Method On The Planet Is Easier To Setup, Has A Lower Risk, Or Produces A Higher Profit Margin.. Period.
(PLUS.. You Don't Have To Spend a Small Fortune Figuring Things Out)
With that said..
My Name Is Alan Magliocca And I’m The Owner & Founder Of Affiliate Academics, Inc.
My company runs a network of 10,000+ like-minded entrepreneurs who want the training, resources and tools to create online businesses that achieve a freedom lifestyle for themselves and their families.

We have several offices across the globe, but mainly work out of North Carolina, Minnesota, and Virginia.

And for the past 10 years..

I’ve been focused on applying a 150-year-old method + leveraging modern day automations..

Which has been quietly generating me enough money to do whatever I want to do, whenever I want to do it:

From private jets & hosting yacht parties, to vacations all over the globe & property investments, to hanging out with my wife & son on a Tuesday at 2:00 pm just because I want to..

(this is not to brag, but simply to show you what's possible)

.. And I'm able to do all this by using the most trusted, time-tested and PROVEN 150-year-old method – which is building a list, and then combining modern day automations to generate traffic from that list and get paid commissions.

Now.. the type of list that we are building is an email list.

So.. why generate traffic from an email list?

Well for starters - it’s a whole lot easier than FaceBook, YouTube, media buying, pay per click ads, or any other traffic source you can think of.

I also don’t need to be a master copywriter to run high converting email ads – as a matter of fact, I get others to write my copy for FREE..

(and they PREFER it that way)

Plus, it’s much cheaper to start on a small budget, which is perfect for 95% of my clients – if you don’t believe me, just go create an Adwords, YouTube, Media Buy or FaceBook ad campaign.. once you’ve lost $1000’s with little or no results, come back to me.. I’ll still be around.

Email marketing is also 40 (FORTY) times more effective than social media marketing to attract new subscribers and customers, 3 times more likely than social media marketing to turn leads into SALES, and spend an average of 17% more when buying through email.

Heck.. even Millennials prefer emails to connect with brands over social media!

It’s weird, I know.. especially when all the big boy gurus are telling you email marketing is DEAD.. but facts are facts, and my results speak for themselves..

So now that I've explained the basics of email traffic.. let's talk about creating "passive gateways" to build our passive income generating list from scratch..
You're Probably Wondering.. What Are "Passive Gateways"?
It’s simple…

Right now, there are more than 1,940,000,000 websites on the internet.

Of these, about 200,000,000 - roughly 10.3% - are active sites..

And 91% of website content is never even seen (no traffic at all)..

The reason for this is simple: traditional websites are completely DEAD for the most part..

They’re run by people and companies who have just fallen off the trends, and it’s killed their businesses.. compare traditional websites to Blockbuster.

Now, think about Netflix..

Just like Netflix is the “new age” movie service, passive gateways are the “new age” websites..

The internet used to be for browsing and information searching..

Now it’s used to collect data and sell products and services..

And passive gateways are the automated machines used to collect a person's information, then instantly generate automated income FOR YOU

Make sense? OK good.
"And I’m Not The Only One Who’s Generating Results With The Unique Way I Teach This ‘New Age’ Method.."
I’ve had 100's of customers see success with my system, and I even teach this at my high ticket masterminds..

Just recently, over a dozen entrepreneurs paid me $5,000.00 a piece.. and flew in from all over the US and Canada.. just to learn about this powerful method over a single weekend.

During that event, we applied the passive gateway method for everyone who attended..

The result?
Let me repeat that:



This was just using my system as an affiliate.. we didn’t even touch on leveraging this system for those who own products (which I also share with you in this program)

Another student of mine, Justice, was making $2,000 per month on YouTube ads..

He came to me and asked for my help, so I taught him how to implement my methods..

Within a few WEEKS.. Justice jumped from $2,000 to $6,000 a month income.. with NO product or service!

Look below at what he said about the system I taught to him..

** 2023 UPDATE: Justice recently reported making just under $500,000.00 last year in passive income with no product **
Here’s another student of mine, Blake, who started using these strategies…
(Yes, Blake DID in fact say he's documented and verified making over $2,000,000.00 in NET profit from what I taught him with this system).
So.. if You Do NOT Have Passive Income Streams Working For You At This Very Moment.. 
Reason #1: You don’t have a consistent and proven system in place to build a list of leads..

Lead flow is everything… without leads you can’t make money…

As of today – sending emails to my leads is BY FAR my most consistent and scalable passive income source (and after you read the rest of this page) - it will be yours as well...

Which brings us to..

Reason #2: You don't know how to monetize your traffic and leads..

It’s all about simple math..

.. Look, when you promote one offer, you may or may not generate money. When you promote 5 offers all at once, split test, find the cream of the crop, and scale up your email list.. you can achieve MUCH higher passive income over a much longer period, while keeping your email list engaged and making you money.

People who fail simply give up too soon.. but staying persistent allows you to strike gold over and over again..
This Is The Unfair Advantage We Have That Allows Us To Dominate..
And then reason #3: You follow trends instead of following a PLAN..

How many times have you been sucked into hot new "money-maker" trends like:

print on demand stores
Starting an agency
Running an Amazon FBA business
Random side hustles
Filling out surveys
Remote jobs and data entry jobs
getting paid to watch videos

(among countless other "money makers")

The problem is those only work for a very small percent of people, and many tend to come and go - in other words, they're not very sustainable, and therefore they aren't truly passive income streams.

But when you have the most simple, tested, and proven plan in place, your chance of seeing results goes way up. And look, you already know what emails are. And now you know what passive gateways are..

But even if you have all the pieces in front of you - the email list, the gateways, the automations, the right money-makers - none of it works if you don’t have a PLAN to put all the pieces together, & let it work for you around the clock.. 
Which ultimately comes down to having the right system that works in 2023.
The TRUTH is This:
The reason you see so many people come and go in these markets trying their hand to
make something work is because they’re trying to implement too many systems at once, which in the end leaves them more broke and confused than when they started..

How do I know?

Because I used to be just like you - trying all these “NEW & HOT” methods that all the big boys were pushing.. and not seeing any success at all.. for SEVEN YEARS I went through this cycle..

Here’s what happened every time in a nutshell:
1. I setup system just as I was told in the course 
2. I would see a little traffic action, but no sales  
3. I blame myself 
4. I try again, still nothing 
5. I blame the system/course
6. I move onto the next “HOT Trend” course
7. Same thing happened
8. Rinse and repeat for 7 years

And believe me, I tested everything..
  • I tested Google
  • I tested Facebook
  • I tested Native Ads
  • ​I tested YouTube
  • ​I tested Amazon
  • ​I tested becoming an agency
  • I tested Print On Demand Stores
  • I tested multiple Shopify and Ecom sites
  • I even tested paid sponsorships with Instagram celebrities
But nothing worked…

I simply could NOT figure out how to make money online - until I decided to go all in on a mentor..

The Day I Hired My Mentor.. Everything Changed For Me.

..and it can change for you as well..

Because I created this very program to show you how to do this from start to finish.

I paid $5,000 for my mentor, and EVERYTHING he taught me (plus all my new tactics) are in this very system you’re about to access for yourself..

This isn’t some complex system full of a bunch of BS “theory”..

No, it’s just everything, boiled down into a program you can go through in about 1-2 hours…

The main system is in my 146 page book.. and while that may sound like a lot, but I use bigger font plus fancy pictures to illustrate the process.. so it truly is an easy read..

But don’t take my word for it.. look at just a handful of my customers who took action and applied what I teach:
Here's Just A Fraction Of Alan's Customers Getting Results...
"My first successful online business in under a week!"
I ... was able to start my first successful online business in under a week! I am really excited to grow my new business now that I have the correct business plan in place. Thank you Alan!
- Rob Reese
"Those were my FIRST SALES EVER"
- Melinda B.
Bizu D.
"A map to success"
Gives a clear direction to this online thing... I hope it will help for many people to see what is possible if one keep on being persistent towards a realistic dream. Thanks Alan.
"No one else is telling you this"
- Angela H.
".. he is another Robert Kiyosaki"
- Gyor W.
"He wants you to be (successful)... AND shows you how!"
So many things to think about after years of getting nowhere myself, and here's someone just like me that made it. I'm no Trump, and I don't have a rich dad who'll float me a "small loan" of a million dollars to get started. When Alan says he wants you to be (successful) too, he shows you a much more realistic way to do it... Thanks Alan!
Wayne C.
"The Real Deal"
As a believer, I was delighted to find out that Alan is able to make a generous living, without compromising his values. His insights and knowledge of internet marketing is solid, and his enthusiasm comes through very clearly. He is the real deal! Thanks for making this ... available, I will be putting the lessons to work right away!
Martin B.
Very informative and eye opening. Tells it as it REALLY is.. has become one of my favourite overall [systems]. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Thanks Alan.
NOTE: In the event that you just quickly scrolled through all the people who LOVE MY PROVEN SYSTEM.. you may wanna go back and read them :)
OH.. And One Last Thing I Almost Forgot To Mention..
You’re Also Getting A Free 30-Minute Breakthrough Call To Get Your Chance to Work with Me 1-on-1 To Implement All Of This With You..
That’s right..

Not only are you going to get the system itself, but you will also get to schedule a 30 minute meeting with myself or someone from my team to discuss working one-on-one with me to help you get started and accelerate your growth from scratch.. 
And that’s not all, because you’re also getting...
5 Actionable Bonuses (Valued At $685.00) - Yours Absolutely FREE!
Bonus #1: Entrepreneur Toolbox ($47 Value)
In addition to my core book, it’s also highly important to have this Entrepreneur Toolbox.. The reason is you may be in a hurry and want to get a quick plan of action into place. So, I’ve created this short guide to quickly get your plan into put action so you can start reaching your daily customer goals!
Bonus #2: "2 Days, 1 Benjamin" Plan ($147 Value)
Probably 90% of my customers claim to lack either time and/or funds to implementing a successful plan. In this case study, I crack open the myth that you needs lots of time and money to start building successful incoem streams. This case study was created because one of my customers called me out in my own FaceBook group demanding that if it's THAT easy.. then PROVE it. So I did, live on camera.. With just 2 days and 100 bucks!
Bonus #3: Boss Connect ($97 Value) 
You'll be just fine following my 2-Step Business Plan, but one of the greatest ways to strengthen yourself as an entrepreneur is, well, by hanging out with other entrepreneurial minded people! That’s why I created the Boss Connect group for fast action takers.. You can ask & answer questions, connect with others, and get direct access to me in this group.. The true value here is priceless, and well worth 10x the price of the of book alone!
Bonus #4: Startup Classroom ($197 Value)
Taking action on getting a copy of my book right now will also unlock instant access to the Startup Classroom, which a series of 3 training programs from outside experts who show you the exact methods that they are using in their businesses right now.. and how you too can apply these simple methods to boost your daily customers right from the gate!
Bonus #5: DFY Startup Magnet ($197 Value)
Ever wanted to just copy someone else's success without any legwork or guesswork? If so, you're going to LOVE this bonus! I’m going to let you copy one of my own passive "magnets" that you can put into action by tonight before your head hits the pillow.. Simply copy it, edit a couple of things, and BOOM.. your new stream is LIVE!

The next thing you'll notice is this:

When you start going through the 2 Step Business Plan...

You'll notice that there is ZERO theory.

Because, that's not what we're about here.

We're all about getting to the point of what works, and taking action - and getting results as fast as humanly possible - with the LEAST amount of effort possible...

And that's why...
We’re Going To Show You How You Can Get This System Up & Running In Just 3-5 Days..
That's right...

3-5 days.

Yes, the system is simple to learn and implement, but it will take you 3-5 days to get everything setup.

Your passive income gateway, email automations, traffic flow, money-maker offers, everything...

Even though it's easy, it does take a bit of time to setup and get going for the first time.

The good news is: once it's going, it's going - as you can see by our results :-).

And that's why...

This Is NOT Just Any System..
It’s the “2023” Way To Create Passive Income On Near Auto-Pilot..
by Using A Proven 150-Year-Old Method With "Modern" Automations In Place...
The question isn’t whether this will work for you..

But rather, are you going to spend the next 3-6 months trying to “figure it out” on your own and try to save three bucks or...
Take Massive Action Today & Get Started With My Book PLUS $685.00 in REAL Bonuses Value:
Here's What To Do Next..
The "cost" of this entire system is only $5.99 and you get it instantly as a download.
As soon as you place your order, you'll get an automated receipt with a link to your email giving you access to your new member portal, where you can access your book and all your incredible bonuses.

You can access it anywhere, immediately, without having to wait for the mailman.

You can even read it on your phone.

Oh, and in case you're wondering ... 

There is NO Catch.
I realize this is very inexpensive and that I’m practically giving it away…

And you’re probably wondering:

“If you’re doing so well with this, why would you give it away for next to nothing?”… 

So there has to be a “catch”..

And I know there are some websites out there that offer you a great deal on something but then they stick you in some program that charges your card every month.

This isn't one of them.

There's NO hidden "continuity program" you have to try or anything even remotely like that.

I'm literally giving you this entire book, for $5.99, as a means of "putting my best foot forward" and demonstrating real value.

My hope is that you'll love it and this will be the start of a good working relationship for years to come.

But with all that said, there is ONE thing to keep in mind: 

This Will NOT Last Long..
In most cases, I take a loss when selling the book at this price.

On average, it costs me just over $50.00 in advertising expenses to sell one book.

So why would I do that?

Simple. I'm making this offer with the idea that you'll be very impressed with what I'm giving you today, and you'll want to do more business with me in the future.

I'm betting that you'll enjoy the book so much, you'll call and ask to take additional classes or trainings from me.

Pretty straightforward, right?

Anyway - with all of that said, this is a limited offer.

You're Also Getting A 30-Minute Breakthrough Call FREE..

This call could literally change your life forever.. it’s a chance to work with me one-on-one (just as I did with my mentor) to make sure you get setup successfully, quickly, and sustainably for long-term growth.

Of course there's a money-back guarantee.

In fact, I think it's ... 

The Boldest Guarantee Around.. 180 DAYS!
I 100% Guarantee you'll love this book and the $685.00 worth of actionable bonuses or I'll return your $5.99 AND let you keep the book and the bonuses anyway.. you have 180 days so relax, you're covered!

That's right. You don't even have to send anything back. Just email me at the support link in your member portal and I'll give you back your $5.99 with no questions asked.

How's that for fair? 
This Is Truly A Limited Offer So Claim Your Copy Now Before They're All Gone..
Take Massive Action Today & Get Started With My Book PLUS $685.00 in ACTUAL Value:
To your success,
Alan Magliocca

P.S. In case you're one of those people (like me) who just skips to the end of the letter, here's the deal:

I'm virtually sending you a 146-page ebook, "2 Step Business Plan" (that retails at $37) for Only $5.99. It's instantly delivered digitally anywhere in the world, any time of the day.

There's NO catch... NO gimmicks... You will NOT be signing up for any "trial" to some monthly program or anything like that.

If fact, if you don't love the book - I'll even refund your $5.99 (and you can keep the book).

So, Click the link below to get your copy now at a MASSIVE discount. You won't regret it.
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